RISHI'S EGYPT captivates audiences with a variety of enchanting and entertaining dances from the exotic Middle East!!

BELLYDANCE- Since the Chicago World's Fair in the 1890s, American audiences have been thrilled at this most exotic dance from the Mysterious East. Rishi's Egypt will bring you bellydance at its very finest!!

Dance Descriptions!

CANE DANCE- Native to Egypt, cane dance, or Raqs El Assaya, is an audience favorite because of its feminine and flirtatious charm.

SWORD DANCE- A dance of skill and balance that never fails to amaze and delight Rishi's Egypt audiences!

THE DANCE OF THE 7 VEILS- Reminiscent of the mysterious and lovely ladies of the Middle East, this dance is beautiful and alluring!

CANDLE MAGIC- A specialty of the Rishi's Egypt Dancers, who bring to you the warmth of their hearts expressed in the flickering flame of the candle dance.

DANCING TO THE DRUMMER- Witness a contest between the dancer and the beat of the drum! This fast paced dance is a test of the dancer's skill and grace!

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